Aircraft Design & Certification


Member of AZEA (Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation)
CONTROLET Flight test
C206 Paradop door
Bristell B23 IFR
Vaeridion Certification Partner
Electric Propulsion SC-E19
Messerschmitt Me163 loads
Bristell B23-915 TC incl glider towing
VOTEC 252 SBS suspended
Lightwing AC4 915
Eviation loads 
Lightwing glider tow
VOTEC 252 SBS POA established
Bristell B23-915
CONTROLET prototyping 3D printing
SAFRAN/Skyflox ORCA proction and testing
Electric Propulsion SC-E18 project
ORATEX Backside Coating
DOA extension CS-23
Bristell B23 Type Certificate
Eviation aircraft structure loads
DLR HAP Design Review
Lightwing Repairs and CAW
VOTEC 252 SBS EASA Application
CONTROLET Research program
Electric Propulsion Project / FAA Validation
Bristell B23 Flight Test
Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG
B23 Flight Test
DLR High Altitude Plattform Design Review
Scalewings future projects
SAFRAN/SkyfloX ORCA development
Electric Propulsion Unit EASA Certification
B23 Fuselage and wing test
RedBull Air Race EXTRA 300 modification
SkyfloX ORCA ESA research program Phase 1
H55 Electric Propulsion
AeroClub Skopje Spray System installation
AD&C Flight Training Weekend
SW51 Mustang Sizing and FEM (ScaleWings)
AMOR Flight Test
Lightwing AG Changes
TOMARK Changes
ORCA ESA Research Kick-off 
Sonaca S200 VLA systems substantiation
ORATEX System "un-stiched" approved
GameComposites (DOA and comp. mat. cert.)
Bristell B23 (aircraft Type Certification)
AMOR (TB-10 wingpods for radar system)
AIRLET FLY (AD&C Flight Data Acquisition)TOMARK (minor Changes)
ORATEX System FAA approvals
SONACA S200 VLA systems certification
Elbit (RPAS) consulting for initial airworthiness
Lightwing AC4 (Major Change)
Lufthansa Technik (B747 FEM Global Model)
Lufthansa Technik (B747 Aircraft Loads)
Solarimpulse HB-SIB final around the world
CSEM Lightweight Industry Solarpanel
TOMARK CS-LSA Type Certification finished
Elixir AIRLET II Loads
KiC Miller Windenergy harvesting concept
GameComposite GB1 certifcation support
WQS Seagle Certification Program Planning
Elbit (RPAS) consulting for initial airworthiness
ORCA, European Space Agency feasability study including flight test
Elixir Certification Program started
TOMARK Flight Testing
Lightwing AC4 transfer of TC to Lightwing AG
XAeroSystems (RPAS)
ORATEX CS-23 extension
ORATEX LBA / FOCA a.o. countries
B/E Aerospace/PHI A350XWB Cathay Pacific Galley Stress Analysis
ORATEX CS-22 extension
C182G minor change
B/E Aerospace/PHI A350XWB Singapore Airlines Galley Stress Analysis
Elixir Aircraft project kick-off
Solarimpulse Round-the-world take-off
TOMARK s.r.o CS-LSA Type Certification
Propeller CS-P certification support
ORATEX System in New Robin DR401
ORATEX div. extensions of STC
Lightwing AC4 Type Certificate
ATALOG CDR & production kick-off
AERO 2014 (winner of Fliegermagazin Newcomer Award)
Zodiac Galleys Europe (Delta Airlines)
ATALOG/Enerkite Flügel Preliminary Design Review
ORATEX System LBA STC (Antonov AN-2, Emeraude, Piper)
Zodiac Galleys Europe (LH/LX Retrofit)
ATALOG/Enerkite wing
Jodel DR1050 shoulder harness STC
Solarimpulse Across America
Purchase of a SOCATA TB10 as travel and flighttest aircraft for Selfly project
LH Aviation (LH-10)
CS-LSA Type certification for AC4 (Lightwing AG)
Full time staff increase
Zodiac Galleys Europe (SpaceFlex)
CS-LSA Type certification start for AC4 (Lightwing AG)
BMWi project: Aircraft sizing and 3D preliminary design
Solarimpulse Crossing Boarders (Morocco)
STC Blanik L13 Revision 1 for 5000 Stunden safe life
Korean VLA (KLA-100)
Approved STC Extra 300 dual airtow and tow mass increase
Korean VLA project kick-off (LADC)
Approved STC Blanik L13 regained airworthiness
Approved STC for Ventus steerable tailwheel
European solar flights to Brussels and Le Bourget with Solarimpulse HB-SIA
Design Organisation approval for EASA.21J.411
Three solar flight world records with Solarimpulse HB-SIA (altitude, endurance, hight gain)
Staff increased to 4 full time engineers
Sucessful first flight of Solarimpulse HB-SIA
Hungarian VLA certification project kick-off
Approval for composite variable pitch propeller WD4-51-051
Alternative Design Organisation approval by EASA for propeller and VLA aircraft
Staff increased to 3 full time engineers
AD&C joins cutting edge project Solarimpulse (solar powered flight around the world)
AD&C joins the Superbus project of TU-Delft (carbon chassis design for electric high speed bus)
AD&C becomes TC Holder for D4 Fascination (VLA)
Alternative Design Organisation (LBA/Part21) for TC holder of VLA aircraft
Prototype design for D-Jet (Diamond Aircraft / Aerostruktur)
Aircraft Design & Certification Ltd. is founded by Marcus Basien and Boris Kölmel

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