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Merely a three-view drawing does not make a project. Whether or not an aviation vision really has potential, is something that can be calculated. Based on global aviation project data, a vision can be assessed on its technical feasibility and market potential.

And we only need a three-view drawing for that. The step from such a concept evaluation to an actual product: now that really is a project.

We use an internally developed evaluation and development tool for general aviation aircraft, providing:

Concept evaluation

  • Quick, parameter-based A/C sizing
  • Geometric and weight and balance estimate output within Excel
  • Link to 3D CAD software (Solidworks) for fully automated model generation
  • Flight envelope determination and checking
  • Checks geared towards selectable certification standards (stability, clearances etc)
  • Set of performance calculations

Our Software:

Concept evaluationConcept evaluation

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