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The Lightwing AC4 is the first EASA certified CS-LSA airplane with a Rotax 912iS engine. Low fuel consumption, light weight and low noise as well as comfortable seating; sufficient payload, and modern avionics - it is an airplane you will like to fly just for fun or enroute.

The Swiss production organisation, Lightwing AG (POA), delivers highest quality and uses mainly local suppliers.

If you are a user/operator of an AC4 and you want to report an occurance, please use our contact form with the subject "Lightwing AC4 Occurance".


  • Two seater side-by-side
  • high wing configuration
  • MTOW 600 kg, payload 240 kg
  • 100 hp fuel injection Rotax 912 iS
Stall speed FLAP DWN   VS0   76 km/h
Stall speed Clean  VS1  81 km/h
Flap Speed  VF 152 km/h
Manoeuvring Speed  VA 163 km/h
Cruise Speed  VC 163 km/h
Never Exceed Speed  VNE 196 km/h


  • Consumption 14l/h
  • Covering on wing and empennage
  • Carbon fuselage fairing and wheel shoes
  • Carbon fuel tank (100 liter)
  • Carbon body-contoured seat
  • Dynon Skyview
  • Becker radio und transponder
  • Stork Flight digital EMU 912iS


If you are interested or you have any question about this product please use the contact form with the subject "Lightwing AC4". 

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