Aircraft Design & Certification

Cabin interior

Large aircraft cabin interior

AD&C supports the design and verification of cabin structural elements and their integration for several customers and operators/airlines. We were involved in the Airbus Galley linefit programs and in several STC retrofit projects.


Our team makes use of the vast experience in FEM methodology, our established verification and qualification programs, and our DOA design assurance process to provide high quality documentation.
Aircraft Interface Load Analysis is the first step but our detail Galley Stress reviews have helped to significantly reduce the risk of premature test failure leading to and uneventful certification.
With our lean company organization and processes, we can offer our services in a very short time and for competitive costs.

Individual aircraft interior modification

Our DOA privileges can allow us to approve minor changes and minor repair instructions on customer request.


We are proud of our successful co-operation with:

  • Zodiac/Driessen (NL)
  • NAT and ZACI (USA)
  • B/E Aerospace (GB)

From Concept

to Certification.

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