Aircraft Design & Certification


  • CS-22 and CS-23 supplemental type certification (STC)
  • Recovering of aircraft and repair with ORATEX System

AD&C involvement:

  • Supplemental Type Certification with structure and flight tests
  • 2013 - present

The project:

The Oratex system developed by Lanitz-Prena Folienfactory GmbH is an easy-to-handle covering material for airplanes. Hitherto, this material has been mainly used for ultralight, one-off or historical airplanes. The large market potential of General aviation is reached by a supplemental type certificate made by AD&C. Step by step, new airplanes are added to the list of approved types. It is now possible to use the Oratex cover in aviation reaching form motor-gliders to Antonov-2.

AD&C is the responsible Design organisation for this certification and is continuously working on expanding the list of approved types.

Further information concerning the application, technical documentation, service bulletins and ordering data can be found on our "Products" page.

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From Concept

to Certification.

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