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The Oratex cover can be used for fuselage, empennage, control surfaces and wings. Within the supplemental type certificate, the entire covering can be exchanged. The material is delivered directly by Lanitz-Prena Folienfactory.


Each covering must be exchanges after several years. This is where the Oratex covering is very attractive, as its use is significantly easier and healthier than other methods. Furthermore it also decreases the airplane’s mass.

Now it is getting even more easy. For some aircraft we have designed and approved the application of the covering without the labor intensive stiching process. For some aircraft, based on the supporting structure and aerodynamic profile, no stiching is required.

Applicable models for EASA STC 10061236 "unstitched" are:

  • see Approved Model List (AML) attached to certificate

If you are interested into this feature please make according mark in your application form (download below).

Our supplemental type certificates are continuously expanded to allow for more airplane types to be approved for using this material and/or abandoning the stiching process.

Applicable models for EASA STC 10045970 "powered aircraft" are:

  • see Approved Model List (AML) attached to certificate

Applicable models for EASA STC 10050167 "(motor)glider" are:

Available LBA (Annex I) STC are beside others:

  • DR100 (z.B. DR1050) Jodel D 11/129/112/128/140/150/117/1190-S and variants  (also available as "unstitched")
  • PA-18, PA-20, PA-22, Piper J3 (all variants)
  • CP-301 Emeraude (all variants)
  • Antonov AN-2
  • Sipa 903 (all variants)
  • Stark Turbolent D (all variants)
  • Klemm L25 (all variants)
  • Motorsegler (SF24 Reihe, SF27 M-A, K8B/Stihl, K8B/KM46, Ka 6/Stihl) 
  • Segelflugzeuge (SG 38, Grunau Baby II b, Habicht E, Gö 3 Minimoa, Ka1, K2 Röhnschwalbe, Ka3, Fauvel AV-36 Reihe, K2b Rhönschwalbe, AV 36)

Finally we made the step over the Atlantic. Canada has validated and accepted the EASA STCs - this makes the accoring EASA STC Approved Model Lists also applicable in Canada (see letter of acceptance below). And finally USA also issued their FAA STC after a long going validation process (see FAA certificates below).

Additionally many nationale validations are available for Annex II aircraft in Europe and overseas:

In case you are interested in using ORATEX covering material, please download the application request form and send it to us or Lanitz-Prena company. You will then receive detailed information concerning the procedure.


  • Easy application
  • No toxic fumes
  • Significantly lower weight
  • Better looks and very good aerodynamic qualities
  • Easy bonding and repair procedures

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