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Ventus cM

Ventus cM

Steerable tailwheel for the Schemp-Hirth Ventus cM

Being a self-launching glider, it is unfortunate the Ventus cM cannot autonomously taxi to and from the runway. To address this problem, we have developed a change giving the Ventus a steerable tail wheel and thus the autonomy it was lacking.


The Ventus cM is a self launching motor glider produced by the well known sailplane manufacturer Schempp-Hirth.  The steerable tail wheel for the Ventus cM is an upgrade for the original, non-steerable Schempp-Hirth tail wheel.  The steerable tail wheel allows the glider to taxi autonomously, increases its controllability without affecting its performance, limitations or recommended speeds.  

The EASA-approved STC can be installed by any suitably approved maintenance organisation that has the Ventus cM within its scope.

Additional mass: 1.4 kg


  • Improved controllability on the ground
  • Autonomous taxiing capability
  • At any time after initial installation, the steerable tail wheel can be replaced with the non-steerable one.
  • No influence on performance, limitations and recommended speeds

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