Aircraft Design & Certification
SolarImpulse SIA


  • Experimental
  • Solar powered airplane

AD&C involvement:

  • Certification basis (HB-SIA und HB-SIB)
  • Certification program (HB-SIA und HB-SIB)
  • Flight Test Safety Board
  • Permit to Fly
  • Google Glass operation with live Hangout.
  • Flights over Densly Populated Areas
  • Pilot in command resting

The project:

The Solar Impulse projects aims to design, build and fly an airplane that is to fly around the world on solar power only.

AD&C has been a part of this project since 2006 and its involvement consists of the Certification of both the prototype as well as the second airplane (HB-SIA and HB-SIB) and the Engineering lead of the prototype.



From Concept

to Certification.

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