Aircraft Design & Certification
Lightwing AC4 (CS-LSA)

Lightwing AC4

  • CS-LSA type certification
  • Rotax 912i (fuel injection)
  • AC4-GT (915 and airtow)

AD&C involvement:

  • Type Certification 2012- June 2014
  • Responsible DOA / Initial Airworthiness
  • Major Change AC4-GT

The project:

Light Wing AG is a company based in Stans, Switzerland. They aim to provide an airplane in the new CS-LSA category with the very low fuel consuming Rotax 912iS engine installed. The design philosophy of the Lightwing AC4 (as this airplane is called) is based on the design of a very successful Ultralight, the Comco Ikarus C42.

AD&C performed the type certification of this product and has received the EASA approval on 17.06.2014 as first type certified aircraft with the 912iS engine.

The tasks of AD&C mainly included:

  • Adjusting the design to match the requirements of this type of airplane in terms of strength, safety, operation
  • Performing analysis to determine the loads acting on the airplane as well as assessing the structural soundness of the design
  • Ground tests to confirm the strength of the individual parts
  • Flight tests to determine whether the airplane is safe in all possible situations
  • Liaising with the authorities to facilitate the process of certification
  • Demonstration of compliance to applicable requirements

AD&C has transfered the Type Certificate to Light Wing AG which will maintain the continued airworthiness of the AC4 and of course answer the questions and change requests of the customers. The AD&C DOA will support the Light Wing AG in the course of fullfulling the obligations of the TC holder.

Further information about the product you can find here.

Documents Lightwing AC4

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