Aircraft Design & Certification


  • Wind energy production from high altitude winds
  • Development of an ultralight carbon wing

AD&C involvement:

  • Load assumptions,
  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed design (Solidworks)
  • Prototype production (PIEP)
  • Analysis (FEMAP),
  • Structural tests

The project:

Using the Enerkite system, the electricity costs – disregarding subsidies – will be 5ct/kW, against today’s energy offer which costs 2-9ct/kW (including subsidies). This project is in the process of developing the first kite-based wind energy system with an autonomous launching and retrieving system, producing 30kW

AD&C is developing the wing, which is to replace the flexible kite – which was used so far – to achieve the required energy output.

The challenges in this development are that the wing:

  • Needs to be able to fly at both strong and weak wind conditions. The structure needs to make an economically reasonable service life possible. For this, light weight design and durability must be combined;
  • Needs to have robust flight characteristics, allowing it to be controllable during sudden changes in wind speed and direction;
  • Needs to combine easy launchability at different conditions, with an optimum energy output at climbing flight;
  • Needs to be equipped with sensors, such that the control center is always up to date concerning the airflow at the wing, the wing's attitude as well as objects posing potential collision risks;
  • Will be the first-ever lightweight kite with textile components achieving a lift coefficient of 2 or higher;
  • Will have a service life of at least 12 months, in continuous operation.
  • Yet unrivalled surface weight for extremly high wing loading



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