Aircraft Design & Certification
Blaník Wing Modification

Blaník Wing Modification

  • CS-22 STC
  • Regaining Airworthiness

AD&C background:

  • Design and Certification
  • 2011

The project:

With over 3000 gliders built since 1956, the Blaník L13 is the most produced glider worldwide.
In June of 2010, a fatal accident in Austria resulted in the worldwide grounding of the entire active L13 and L13A fleet. The reason for this grounding was to a large extent the suspicion of premature fatigue in the load path of the main wing spar. AD&C assumed the laborious task of putting this historic glider back in the air.

This task consisted of:

  • Reconstruction of the 3D geometry of the aircraft, in particular the area of the main wing spar;
  • Load path analysis;
  • Verification by elaborate FEM calculations;
  • Fatigue life investigation;
  • Crack propagation calculations;
  • Definition of useful life with and without (undetected) damage;
  • Design of structural modification aimed at:
    • reducing the stress levels, and therefore increasing the useful life;
    • Facilitating the inspectability of critical areas;
  • Definition of an inspection program, using NDT (Non destructive testing) techniques to periodically assess the state of the aircraft's critical areas.


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