Aircraft Design & Certification


  • Earth Observation from commercial airliners
  • Independent sensor system on Boeing 737-800
  • EASA CS-25 Supplemental Type Certificate

ADC involvement:

  • Design of composite aerodynamic fairing
  • CFD analysis support
  • Project management support to SkyfloX

Das Projekt:

SkyfloX is a start-up developing the ORCA-concept (Optical and Rf Constellations on Aircraft). The ORCA concept turns commercial airlines into platforms for Earth Observation and/or Telecommunication services by equipping them with downward facing sensors. A game-changing new source of affordable and very frequent earth observation data, “the missing layer”.
ADC has been alongside SkyfloX since the beginning of its journey, from the early feasibility studies and flight tests, all the way to the design and certification of the first generation ORCA developed for a Boeing 737.



From Concept

to Certification.

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