Aircraft Design & Certification
Electric Propulsion

Electric Propulsion

  • Electric motor and inverter 70kW to 260kW
  • EASA SC-E18 and SC-E19
  • Electrification of aircraft

ADC involvement:

  • Certification process for electric motor
  • Major Change/STC to aircraft
  • Concept Design Review 

The project:

Electric propulsion is in every aviation project one pillar of new product development. We have started our journey of bringing electric aircraft to the customer with the journey of Solarimpulse. Since then, the industry and the regulators have made many big steps to open the path to certified electric flight. This allows new business models, new products and services and also fulfils the public request for CO2 reduction and lower noise pollution. We are proud to be part of these projects and serve several customers with our DOA to develop their products within the necessary certification environement, to allow innovation while maintaining the acchieved high safety level in General Aviation.

From Concept

to Certification.

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