Aircraft Design & Certification
BRM Bristell B23

Bristell B23

  • CS-23 Amdt.5 type certification
  • Bristell B23 915 and IFR
  • Bristell B23 912

AD&C involvement:

  • EASA Type Certification
  • Loads
  • Structure and System Testing
  • Flight Test 

The project:

BRM Aero is a company located in Kunovice (CZ), a well known aviation agglomeration.

The company is one of the most successful manufacturer of microlight/homebuilt aircraft with several variants of their two seater aircraft. The design is of rugged aluminum sheet metal, is easy to fly with very good performance data and large cabin space. The Bristell B23 will be approved for 750kg MTOW and will be fully loadable even with heavy pilot and passanger. It will be equipment with dual Garmin G3X System and and the approved L3 ESI-500 (or GI275) instrument. The operation will be approved for Day and Night-VFR. The dual control will make it a perfect recreational and training aircraft for PPL pilots. Since early 2022 also the B23-915 version with Rotax 915iS engine has been type certificated.

AD&C and BRM are aiming to be the first to receive approval for the new CS-23 Amdt. 5 airworthiness code and stepping into the framework of the "simpler, light, better" regulatory update.

The tasks of AD&C are composed of all disciplines of aircraft certification for a General Aviation aircraft, as the BRM Aero is making use of Part 21A.2 allocating all tasks and responsibility to our DOA.

  • Coordination with EASA
  • Guidance for the design to comply with the certification basis (CS-23 Amdt. 5?
  • Loads, sizing and analysis of structural strength and stiffness where needed
  • Testing of structure and systems
  • Flight Test
  • Compilation of required substantiation documentation
  • Aircraft Flight Manual, Aircraft Maintenance Manual

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Bristell B23

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