Aircraft Design & Certification
Extra 300

Extra 300

  • CS-23 supplemental type certification (STC)
  • Towing mass increase and multi glider towing

AD&C involvement:

  • Supplemental Type Certification and flight tests
  • 2011

The project:

 The Extra 300 series is one of the best known aerobatic airplanes worldwide. Within its wide range of possibilities, it can be used as a towing airplane for gliders. This STC increases the allowed airtow mass as well as making possible a dual air tow, i.e. towing two gliders simultaneously. Before this project, EASA did not allow that option.

AD&C's involvement included:

  • Investigation of published performance characteristic during air tow;
  • Calculation/extrapolation of expected performance for increased tow mass and double airtow;
  • Flight test to assess the performance and confirm that towing up to 1000 kg and/or towing two sailplanes is safe.

The Project has been successfully completed and the first public dual tow of the Extra was performed by the Red Bull Blanix Spiegelflugteam at the Airpower11 air show in Zeltweg, Austria.


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