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D4 Fascination

D4 Fascination

Type Certificate data

AD&C is the type certificate holder and responsible for the continued airworthiness of this aircraft type. Applicable documents released for this aircraft are published on this webpage.

For occurrence reporting please use our contact page with the subject "D4 Fascination Occurrence".

Service Letter/Service Bulletin:

In the field "Documents" you can download all applicable documentation

Information and instructions for the Rotax 912S engine must be taken from the webpage of the manufacturer (engine TC-holder).

Current published Service Bulletin from AD&C are available for:

  • Engine mount
  • Fuel hoses
  • Spade welding

Major repair:

After a hard landing the nose wheel of the D4 Fascination retracted on ground. A major repair for the landing gear and the fuselage was required to regain airworthiness.

Individual repair instructions are prepared and approved on request. Please use our contact page using the subject "D4 Fascination Repair".

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